MAF. Feb. 6 Meeting @ 7 p.m. – Guest Speaker: Pearce Liversedge

Our next meeting is this week on Tue., Feb. 6 at 7pm at WNIT TV studios at 300 West Jefferson Boulevard, South Bend, Indiana 46601 at 7:00 pm.
Our guest presenter this month is Pearce Liversedge:
“I started editing skateboard videos when I was in middle school. Using an E-Machines computer with a Celeron processor really slowed down the creative process. One year ago, when I tasked myself to make a video of our fun pictures queued to music for our wedding, I delivered an enjoyable and entertaining experience. Since then, I have made a few, mostly goofy projects. Including the coveted “Goofs University”. Now that I am married, we have doubled our production power. We are excited to present “The Prophecy – MMXXIV”. This 21 Minute film encompasses our lives, as The Liversedges.” – Pearce Liversedge
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