Goshen Native to Film “Sand Castles” Locally In October


Goshen native Jordon Hodges, who last year starred in ‘Impulse Black’ (trailer here) and had the premiere in Goshen, Indiana for “everyone who supported me”, is coming back to his roots from Los Angeles, to shoot an entire feature-film entitled ‘Sand Castles’. Logline: In small-town Indiana, a family has crumbled after their five-year-old daughter is kidnapped. Twelve years later she is found and comes back to a broken home, mute.

Hodges has been writing the screenplay the last couple years and got it green lit a couple months ago. He says he had written the film in and around Goshen for the authenticity of the Midwestern look and people. Not to mention, being his hometown there is plenty of resources he can pull to get a much better product with less cost.


We will keep you posted here with any casting calls and crew positions. There will be auditions in and around Northern Indiana sometime in August most likely he says. Hodges and MAF president Tim Richardson have known each other for several years, and Hodges even did a small cameo in Richardson’s feature ‘Harvey Putter’ and says, “Mid America Filmmakers will know everything I know, first.” As far as crew go, Hodges says that after they complete their LA transfer crew they will be accepting resumes. Most likely also in later August/Early September.

If you are willing to work on set for food and credit, and willing to learn you can send your resume/experience/bio/ whatever you got to: crew@sandcastlesfilm.com as they are building a Rolodex for extra help and people who: want to learn about making films / love being on set / just wants to be a part of it for the experience,  but don’t have a lot of resources like L.A.

As Hodges says, “Clenét (director) and I really want to cast most of the roles in the Midwest area, all locals. We have  our top billing actors coming out of LA, but we want real looking people, not models, to really be the world of this story.”

Hodges is leading the film as Noah Daly, the older brother that is the glue and emotional bearer of the family.  Helming the project is acclaimed director Clenét Verdi-Rose, whose feature drama ‘Skyler’ last year took multiple awards and recognition in Los Angeles. ‘Sand Castles’ is being Executive Produced by Scott Jemison, who is also taking the supporting role of Detective Jeffrey Cloud and Jordon Hodges, amoung other private investors.

Other castings or talks cannot be released yet until more things are official.

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